About Us

Private Investigation in Salem New Hampshire


Black Water Investigations is an independently owned and operated Private Investigations Agency based out of Salem NH serving all of New Hampshire. Our goal is to exceed our clients expectations. We will do everything possible within the confines of the law to obtain the requested results from our clients. We are committed to being unbias and truthful regardless of where our investigations take us. We are looking for the truth!

Investigator Ron Asselin has 27 years Law Enforcement, Military (Top Secret Clearance while assigned to Pentagon), and Private Security experience. This experience coupled with 4 years experience working with the Courts as a Judgment Recovery Specialist and 3 years working as an Investigator for a Financial Funding Company located in Massachusetts makes him an extremely versatile Investigator specializing in Locating Persons of Interest.

Ron Asselin is a member of the New Hampshire League of Investigators (NHLI).

Many people have asked, What is the NHLI- NH League of Investigators? My response to these people is that the League is the only Association in New Hampshire for the Professional Private Investigator. We are bound by a strict Code of Ethics; provide training, networking and representation not only before the Legislature but on the Governor’s Advisory Board on Private Investigation and Security Services. We are the voice of the Professional NH Private Investigator.

The League is not a social club in which a person pays their dues and becomes a member. Each member is subject to a background investigation, acceptance of the code of ethics and then is voted upon individually. Acceptance into membership is not a given, as with the old adage, Membership is a privilege not a right.

National Institute of Justice Certifications

We have received certifications in the following areas:

Cold Case Safety Net

Missing and Unidentified Persons
Cert.# 1102730447

Developing a Missing Persons Protocol

Cert.# 1102688961

Investigative Strategies

Missing & Unidentified Person Cases
Cert# 1102880051

Drug Facts: A Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault

(DFSA) Perspective aka "Date Rape Drugs 
Cert# 1103498803

Offender Profiling

Psychology Contributions to Behavioral Crime Scene Analysis
Cert.# 1106783033
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